Improve productivity and facilitate everyday production. Our mission is to improve construction site productivity with modern technology. Take your documentation management to a whole new level. The time that you have spent in printing papers, filling and scanning forms and saving them into various systems can be spent in management.



Production control is often seen as a heavy process which only serves the needs of large companies.

We offer the most easy-to-use cloud service software, tailored for your company’s quality and safety management. The size of your business does not matter, because we scale the package separately for each company.

We develop the software package from a client-based viewpoint in order to guarantee the best possible result. This is made possible by the construction and software professionals of our own company. Our service brings construction industry productivity to a whole new level.



Supervisory staff should be at the construction site supervising the work, but the amount of office work is growing and growing

Documentation and inspections have a significant role in the success of a company’s quality and safety. At the same time, as increasingly cost-effective and time-saving solutions related to construction technology are developed, the amount of documentation required has been constantly growing. This is affected by the management’s will to improve, guide and monitor the quality of the end product provided to the customer, and requirements from the authorities and other sectors. We offer fast and easy-to-use mobile tools tailored to boost construction production supervision.


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Documentation on paper is familiar to us all, but it is far from effective. First, you print the document. Then you get to taking measurements and making inspections. After taking these down, you type the document in the work site office, and afterwards the documents are scanned and saved into the company’s internal data systems. Remember that every photo attachment and ground plan observation has to be attached manually, requiring great effort. Paper documents will not remind you of reparations afterwards, but instead the reparation work is only dependent on the inspector’s memory.


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Mobile documentation provides a new way of managing construction site production. You will always have all the necessary files and document templates with you. You can make the inspection briefly at the construction site. The software will draft, save and distribute the report for you. You can monitor defect and fault corrections in real time.


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Any system will not replace the daily management done by people, but good management is an absolute requirement for on-time, high-quality work:


Could it be time to do inspections and measurements more effectively? It has been calculated that mobile tools boost production documentation by 1/3 of the time spent, when compared to paper documentation recordings.


We want to take quality management to a higher level by highlighting problem areas in real time. It is more expensive to notice faults and defects only during the finishing stage of the project. Documentation is also important for the lifespan of the project.


Everyone needs to have the possibility to work safely. The employer must provide a safe working environment. By controlling projects more effectively, you will provide better chances for everyone to work safely.


The software composes each project documentation with the same layout. It is easier for an outsider to read the document and spot possible faults when documentation includes extensive contents with attachments.


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