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Congrid is a world-class construction solution

valued by contractors, subcontractors, and developers.
Congrid offers a single platform to handle all quality and safety management on any construction project – improving quality and safety, maximising site productivity and reducing costs. From improved safety levels to reduced quality costs, Congrid introduces an entirely new way for delivering zero-defect properties and offers the industry a better understanding of what has been built and how it has been built.
Quality and safety build trust

Quality and safety build trust

A culture of quality and safety leads to improved professional pride in the industry. With Congrid, everyone takes personal responsibility for delivering work on time with the highest quality and safety standards.

A new way of openness

Congrid introduces new levels of transparency and communication in the digital age of construction. Collaboration, openness and continuous learning are the keys to success whether you are working as a supervisor, quality manager, foreman, site manager or project engineer.
A new way of openness
Data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions

Collecting data will lead to you making better decisions. You will have a deeper understanding of how to forecast risks and how to act when needed in mitigating them. Using Congrid, you’ll always know what has been built and how it was built.

Continuously develop together with us

Construction software should be created together with people who understand the industry. With Congrid, you have the opportunity to make an even bigger impact. Your feedback becomes our work.
Congrid - Continuously develop together with us

Transforming the quality and safety of the construction industry together with

Our cooperative development and implementation process with Congrid has been uniquely successful. Of course there are always issues to solve, but this time we have received only very positive feedback from the construction sites and other internal stakeholders. Thank you!
YIT Congrid

Sakari Aaltonen

Head of Capability Development, Construction and Production, YIT

We have already developed a better understanding for quality costs and amount of rework on our sites using Congrid. We aim to develop productivity further by providing this information in a useful form for our trade partners and procurement.
Congrid - FIRA testimonial

Otto Alhava

CTO, Fira

Congrid wants to move the industry forward and make projects more transparent between all parties. I recommend Congrid to anyone who works in the construction industry.

Olli Niemelä

Production Engineer, Bonava

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