Mobile software tools:


Punchlist tool for recording the defects and faults of your project. Mark your observations in ground plans and direct them to the repairer.


Carry out the statutory weekly work safety inspection more effectively and send information on the faults to the contractor also before sending the final report


Check the progress of each work stage in real time and record faults before any major damage. Documentation with photos to support annual inspections.


All plans and documents are always with you. No more extra trips between the construction site and the office to retrieve information.


The most effective tool on the market for recording construction site observations

Map out the construction defects and faults of for the whole project span. Mark your observations on ground plans with photos and monitor that all faults are corrected on time. You can refine observations according to location, contractor, or date. The software will show the number of unacknowledged observations in real time. A tool for zero-defect deliveries and quality control for construction projects.


Bring production safety to a whole new level with more extensive reports and alerts

Measure the safety level of your project digitally and record faults with more precision using extensive specifications. The software saves all specifications and suggests these to the user when recording observations. Take pictures of your observations, mark the location into the ground plans and monitor that all safety faults are corrected on time. The safety meter helps you to reach the zero accident objective.


Various work stages must be monitored during the entire span of the production. Tailor the quality control of your projects by stage and decrease reparation costs.

Quality control documentation for each stage of the project. All additional documents needed in inspections are always with you. Inspections are automatically saved under the correct work stage as complete documents. Specify the reparation procedures in the inspections for the person responsible and monitor the reparation work in real time. Photos and ground plan markings will provide additional value for the end result of the documents.


It would be impossible to carry paper documents always with you on site rounds

Browse and examine plans. Find the ground plan you want in an instant with the help of our folder structure. No more extra trips between the site office and construction site to retrieve information. We also support multi-page documents that can be handled as e.g. Excel, Word, or PDF files.