BIM app for every construction site. With the easiest and every-day necessary features, Congrid BIM Viewer is the simplest tool for everyday usage on site.

Do you have a problem seeing all the details in 2D floorplans?

Congrid BIM Viewer is a tool for everyone who works on site. For Workers, Managers and Overseers to better understand detail-level structures. How pipelines bypass each other and much more. It’s easy to use and made with only necessary features.

Dive into 3D view with just a few clicks

It’s really frustrating to get a 3D view by navigating for several minutes. With Congrid BIM Viewer taking advantage of the project-level area hierarchy, you can navigate to the right place with just a couple of clicks. Spend your working time on something more productive then being lost inside a 3D model.

Features you really need in BIM Viewer

Easy to use

A good app user interface is simple, easy to use and does not have features that don't add value. We have created BIM viewer, which is user-friendly and really works on the construction site.

Quick to set up

Upload all your site IFC-files to projects in Live-service. Customise area hierarchy locations to your BIM model that workers can move to the right area location with a couple of clicks.


Move in 3D view with helpful joysticks. If you have played PlayStation or Xbox, you don't even need to practise.

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Choose models

Choose what models you want to view in 3D. View Architectural, Heating, Plumping and Ventilation, etc. simultaneously. You can choose what to view.

Filter Objects

Menu where all 3D model objects can be hidden in one place. You can also select objects in 3D view that need to be removed.

2D and 3D

View 2D floorplans or documents in the same view with 3D model. Option to choose window size with responsive view.

How to get started?

You can now book early bird demo with us.

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Book time with our sales team and see all features that BIM Viewer includes.

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