BOX Bygg uses Congrid software for seamless construction data flow

Picture: JSB Construction AB

Customer Story - BOX Bygg, Sweden

Open API integration, easy-to-use application and quick support were the main reasons why BOX Bygg chose Congrid solution years ago. Jonas Sjövall is the technical design manager at BOX Bygg, a contractor working with bigger construction projects in Stockholm since 2014.
Jonas’ professional role is multifaceted with the main responsibility over the specialist groups at the company.  also works as a Virtual Design Construction engineer (VDC) where he is responsible for digitization and information flow between project and production.
BOX Bygg has been using Congrid since 2020. They needed a system that could automate and simplify processes. Their internal system, which Jonas calls the library, contains all documents for the construction projects. It is an important system that they do not want to remove and therefore an integration solution was necessary to be able to use Congrid.

Chose Congrid because of price and integration possibilities

When BOX Bygg was thinking about acquiring a digital system for the construction site, there were a few specific factors that were important. In addition to the fact that the platform is affordable, it was also important for BOX Bygg that Congrid could be integrated with their system. Jonas describes that their internal system is not made for work on-site but mainly to manage information internally.
”We have tried our system and other systems on the construction projects, but they did not work. Congrid’s system is easy to work on site and understand, it has large buttons that you can basically press with your gloves – perfect for builders. It is really simple!”
According to Jonas, they use most of Congrid features, but especially focusing on safety inspections, safety notes and the site diary. At BOX Bygg, everyone who makes inspections and who are responsible for subcontractors use Congrid. Before Congrid, they used pen and paper. Inspectors had to walk around the construction site with a book, fill in data manually, then come back to the office to formulate and send out reports.
”With Congrid, we have removed all extra steps. Creating the note in the app means that you have already made the report. That’s how software benefits daily work – it saves time on steps and minimizes the risk of errors. We have saved costs we spend on Congrid in administration and now we can focus on the right things,” stresses Jonas Sjövall.

Fast support and easy start-up

It is quick to start projects in Congrid according to Jonas. Since the two systems are integrated and automated, they can start the project immediately – which usually takes about an hour.
”Congrid has a very good support for starting projects, which is valuable and makes it easy to start. The support we receive when making a hierarchy in Congrid means a lot to us. It runs very smoothly and thanks to the integration we also do not have to move documents manually.”
Jonas says that Congrid simplifies the processes at site and believes that the more you use the software, the easier it is, because you get familiar with user interface and are able explore more functions.
”I recommend Congrid to those whom I work with! Just take the time to familiarize yourself with the software and start simple. For example, start with safety inspections and get comfortable. After that, you can build a digital plan of how you can gradually implement Congrid in other processes on site. It will go very smoothly,” Jonas Sjövall concludes.