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Welcome to Congrid’s culture handbook!

By reading this, you can expect to know more about us, our values and how we work.

Congrid was founded in 2013 and the founders are still working at the company

In short, the idea of the software is to reduce the paperwork at work-sites and change the whole culture of the construction industry by changing the quality and safety thinking.
Congrid careers 1
Congrid careers

Congrid has grown fast but steady

We are the market leader in Finland and have started opening the market in Sweden. The power of our company is formed from our professionals in the software and construction fields as well as project management. We develop our software together with our customers and code the software package ourselves, which enables the flexible development work to meet the needs of our clients.

We believe good teamwork is the basis for success

Currently, we have four main teams including 25 workers: IT Wizards, Sales, Marketing & Customer Success. We believe good teamwork is the basis for success in general and that is why we invest in developing the internal teamwork and cross team-collaboration. In 2020, we want to bring our HR management to the next level and that’s why we’ve invited you here.
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Our main values are customer first, trustworthiness, curiosity and teamwork

Our company follows the modern agile philosophy and our main values in our work are customer first, trustworthiness, curiosity and teamwork. We don’t believe in strong hierarchies. Instead, we aim to truly give everyone the freedom to lead their own work. We are constantly developing the company structures to support our employees’ self-leadership. This means, for instance, that we encourage our employees to test and learn things themselves.

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Our team work philosophy

What do we offer?

One of our main company values is to offer our employees a great place to work and that is why we invest in our employees’ well-being. Some of our benefits are local and some global for all our employees. Here are examples of our joint benefits:
– Competitive salary
– Flexible working hours & unlimited remote work possibilities
– Freedom to choose your tools
– Social events
– Lunch & wellness vouchers
– Self-development budget
– Career opportunities