Subcontractors to be engaged in quality and safety management


CongridLITE® is designed to improve the quality and safety culture in the construction industry.

The solution enables project members to manage quality and documentation of their own work stages directly on site up to the point where work phases are handed over.
Construction phase:

- Construction
- Finalising

Valued by:

- Workers
- Subcontractor overseers

CongridLITE is for:

- Main contractors
- Subcontractors
- Overseers

Used in:

- On-site
- Office

Template Every administrator and CongridLITE user can easily find the tasks allocated to them with one tool. With the catalogue, you can find your most important tasks by providing additional specification Task catalogue You can also view the task catalogue on a floor plan. This is a quicker way to find single-location tasks within an area. Task on the floor plan Every user can also filter a project’s tasks by type, category, location or inspection to make the management of repairs easier. Task filtering The task entries contain detailed information, including requirements and task descriptions, which companies can use to find out what they are required to do. Task details You can view photos taken for the task and take a verifying photo after carrying out the task to show that the repairs have been completed. Task photo Information about the status of the repairs can be added to each task. You can report the status by using one of the following: complete, incomplete, inspected, rejected or approved. Task status

All data from the site to your office platform

The Congrid Live service collects all data for your project group's monitoring purposes. Use data to make the right decisions.
  • All Tasks view
  • Report with photos
  • Reports with floor plans
  • Task filters
  • Project setups
  • Notification support

Real-time information with all parties involved

Information is made available on a real-time basis for all parties in a project, with no need to print out reports or send emails. Real-time acknowledgement of observations and photographs of measures taken increase project safety and enhance quality-related documentation. With this solution, subcontractors can manage their own stages of the task-control chain up to the point where work phases are handed over.

When the main contractor uses the Congrid software, subcontractors can engage in quality and safety management free of charge.

Generate all important notes in a field report

Bring quality and safety management to a new level with more extensive reports. Congrid enables consistent reporting with extensive additional information, without extra work. Find all reports easily for all stages of a project, saved in the right place and organised correctly.
Reports with floor plans and photos

Reporting is clearer when the document layout and contents are consistent within a company. A ground plan marking and photo attached to the report provide extra help for contractors and workers in finding reports by assignees with photograph and floor plan marker. Location and other additional information in photos bring added value and make it easier to locate information afterwards.

Automatic reports to your email

Congrid Reports is the most convenient way to manage high quality construction reports with less time. Get automatic reports from the field straight to project participants within seconds. Information sharing is made easy for all parties in a project, with no need to print out reports or send emails.

Discover a new way of managing construction projects

Congrid offers one platform to handle all quality and safety management on any construction project – improving safety and quality, maximising site productivity and reducing costs.
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