Our comprehensive approach brings value to construction quality and safety management by combining the expertise of construction professionals and software developers.

Our team work philosophy

We respect each other

The meaningfulness of work comes from happy and motivated people who respect each other as individuals and professionals. Congrid’s way of working is based on an open and transparent culture where everyone is committed without any silos or middle managers.

We support our colleagues and voluntarily offer help

If you don’t know what to do, ask your colleague. If your colleague doesn’t know, let’s figure it out together. There is always time to help people around you no matter small or complex the problem is.

We don’t believe in strong hierarchies

Congrid is a flat organisation powered by over 20 professionals. We believe that superb collaboration and transparency between people is based on trust and commitment.
Congrid - Respect

We believe well developed teamwork is the key to success

Congrid is a workplace where our people enjoy being part of. We have inspirational Friday demo sessions (called DnB), company-level surf sprint trips to warm locations, team events, epic summer and pre-Chrismas parties, customer site visits, development planning sessions across the teams and much more.

Meet Timo

I'm one of the co-founders of Congrid. My passion is to grow a good company where people can feel safe and trust each other. It’s our people that make the company, and that's why our company is the most valued companion to our beloved customers.