Read stories how our happy customers use Congrid – Construction site management software


Bonava wants to change the construction industry in co-operation with Congrid

Tom Helenius and Olli Niemelä from Bonava hope, that besides the largest construction companies, smaller companies and sub-contractors would also use Congrid. This way information would flow more transparently within all parties and the construction industry could develop in the long run.


Congrid uses data to collaborate on a project wide basis

WSP Finland is a multidisciplinary expert company that provides the developer with all construction related services in-house. WSP uses Congrid software to manage the safety and quality of construction management. Cloud-based software allows important data to be stored in the same place as well as easily shared.


The digital building platform - Enköping first in Sweden

There´s long been talk about the digitized construction site, but so far, swedish construction companies have needed to use several different systems if they wanted to digitize the entire construction process. Norrtälje based construction company Cobab is the first in Sweden to use the platform that already has revolutionized construction in Finland.

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