The project managers and overseers of the developer have multiple projects going on simultaneously. Retrieving all information on unfinished and finished projects digitally in real time, with a few pushes of a button, facilitates project management and communications.




“As a project overseer, you can quickly make sure that the main contractor has implemented the necessary quality control procedures as agreed and that the project is coming along as planned. You can also view the model inspections that you have accepted at any time. You can make and save your own fault lists and inspection rounds with photos using our modern tool.”


Annual reparations and repairs under warranty

“With digitalization, you can get rid of dusty basements filled to the brim with quality control folders of old projects. Searching for the necessary documents is also a lot faster than before, for instance in a situation where the tenant or building manager of a project finished many years ago contacts you and asks something about it.”



“As the developer, you can see the overall situation of projects at a glance. Checking something no longer necessarily requires a call to the overseer or the construction site, or waiting for the next site meeting. The documentation status also shows the project’s progress with regard to schedule and the development from previous results.”