A Guide On How To Prepare Your Company For Exceptional Times In The Construction Industry

The beginning of this decade has shown us that the situation in the whole world can change even in the short term, and the effects of a changed situation cannot always be accurately predicted. Therefore, the most important thing is to understand that the requirements of quality and safety management will not disappear during an exceptional period. In order to maintain them at least on the same level as during normal time, it is important to plan sufficiently strong processes in advance.

Quality, Safety and Communication During an Exceptional Period

Quality and safety management are essential on a construction site, and careful advance planning directly affects the outcome of the project. It is important to outline the operating methods and characteristics of your company and your projects so that the risks can be assessed competently.

Among others, our guide deals with the following topics

  • The challenges the exceptional period poses to quality and safety management
  • How to maintain quality and safety management during exceptional times
  • What are the special requirements posed by the exceptional period to communication?
  • How to identify the risks posed by the exceptional period, and how to find ways to improve the processes in advance

The guide contains expert information on the effects of the exceptional period and the challenges it poses to managing quality and safety on a construction site. The theoretical part contains both researched data and expert interviews – we have gathered views from a wide range of parties working on construction sites to our guide, ranging from planners to construction workers.

Guide for the construction industry

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