The tasks of the main contractor include producing the documentation required by the authorities and the developer on quality control and other construction site operations. In addition to the statutory documents, responsible companies adhere to their own operational systems, the documentation of which can now be easily digitalized.




“As a supervisor, you will execute the documentation at the construction site and send the information to concerned parties. The documents that you produce are automatically saved into our cloud service where you can examine them whenever. At the same time, you can access existing inspection information and ground plans without any extra trips to the site office and back. Since you have everything with you, you can mark inspections as done at any time and start new inspections while performing your daily supervision duties.”


Production and construction site engineers

“As a production or construction site engineer, you can find all the safety measurements and quality documents of your construction site in the same place. This makes distributing them forward and attaching them to reports, as well as presenting them at site meetings, simple and effortless. In internal audits you can present most of the construction site documentation from the same place.”


Duty supervisors / Work foremen

“As a construction site manager you will be able to see the current situation with ongoing inspections and undone work at the site. The lists are a great help in sending reclaims, and at the same time you can be sure that there is documentation on the project.

When the quality documentation is up-to-date, as a manager of several projects you will quickly see what is going on at the sites, and you are constantly aware of the measured safety situation of your construction sites.”


Company management

“The company management can see the overall situation of the whole company or a unit from the viewpoints of work safety, inspections, and documentation. As data is gathered, you can more easily pinpoint the company’s weaknesses as well as strengths in quality and work safety matters. Also, the electronic documents will not suffer any wear and tear, so you can open old documents on your computers at any time for verification purposes.”