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Customer Story - Maru Betoonitööd OÜ

Maru Betoonitööd OÜ started using Congrid when it saw the need for project management during the construction of the new educational building of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The cooperation took project and construction management to the next level, and Congrid has been a digital tool used for projects on a daily basis ever since.
Marko Rooba is the Project Manager at Maru Betoonitööd OÜ. The company carries out concrete work at construction sites, assembly work and design work. The company uses Congrid software to conduct safety inspections and follow-up work inspections on sites. 

– Using Congrid definitely ensures a competitive advantage over other companies because clients see that you already use a customized platform for the project, to help deliver sites and perform systematic work safety inspections.

Congrid is a connected quality and safety platform for construction professionals, with a mission to improve construction quality. Congrid offers a single platform that is meant for managing both quality and safety: improving the safety and quality of construction projects, maximizing productivity and reducing costs. Congrid aims to serve construction companies in a manner that allows the use of the best digital tools to effectively implement all construction projects.
OÜ Maru Betoonitööd is a construction company that specialises in concrete work. It has years of competence and experience which it has used to build factories, parking stations, industrial buildings and infrastructure facilities both as complete solutions and as cooperation solutions. In addition, its projects particularly include apartment buildings with a unique design that adds original character to urban spaces.

Advantages of Congrid over its competitors

Clients value a platform that is beneficial upon the delivery of sites and increases trust between companies. The use of Congrid also increases safety through systematic inspections, which in turn increases the confidence of both the client and the construction company in performing the work.
With the introduction of Congrid, Maru Betoonitööd has also saved time in communication between the client and the company performing the work, which has become clearer and friendlier. The use of the software is made even more convenient due to the fact that it can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers.

– Congrid has helped us with carrying out weekly safety inspections at all sites. We also carry out inspections of follow-up work where we walk through the site with the client and look for flaws that need to be corrected. We make a note of the defects, their location and take a picture of them so that later we can just print out the PDF and forward it to everyone.

Congrid's benefits

In construction, parties have their own demands and it is important that all of these are recorded and taken into account when performing subsequent work. Using Congrid will provide an overview of the customer’s demands and expectations and the delivery of the subsequent parts will go faster and with less effort for the customer and the company performing the work. Marko Rooba considers it a badge of honour that when a job is coming to an end it is possible to deliver it to the client knowing that the entire process has been systematically inspected.

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