Guiding construction sites in the implementation of good construction practices and ensuring proper execution of work

The Q&A -list is now available digitally

The purpose of the Q&A -list is to guide construction sites in implementing good construction practices and ensuring proper execution of work. It specifies the most important areas of inspection and high-risk work sections. Site inspections and reviews conducted by authorities are also recorded in the inspection document. The designated responsible persons confirm inspections by signing the inspection document. The site manager is obligated to ensure that the Q&A -list is up to date and that the responsible persons have carried out and acknowledged all necessary inspections.

The tool is also suitable for the following tasks:

  • Drawing up site meeting checklists
  •  Monitoring the approval process of additional and alteration work
  • Management of defects in plans
  • Safety management

Management of defects in plans

The Q&A -list was created to support quality management. In order to make information retrieval easier for all parties, Congrid’s Q&A -list gathers all information in one place. It compiles comments, information on delegated tasks and projects, and final documentation of results.

In co-operation with the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, we completed a master’s thesis inspired by the idea of creating an inspection document tool that combines all Finnish construction supervision’s inspection documentation. The national inspection document tool will be available to all customers by the end of 2021.

Created for the entire project organisation

From project planning to handover. All project-level tasks in one place – commented, documented and completed on time. Forget about important project-level tasks lost in meeting notes and sending emails back and forth.
  • For supervisors and consultants
  • For contractors
  • For clients
  • For designers
  • For humidity coordinators
  • For authorities

New Workgroups feature in task management

Create workgroups for your project and assign project inspection tasks to people and groups. Users can find and get a clear overview of their tasks quickly by using the handy filter feature.

Comments on work progress visible to all parties involved in your project

In order to gain a good overview of the project, it is important to see what everyone is up to. Congrid’s Q&A tool makes sure your entire project team is aware of the project’s progress in real time. This way the most important tasks are always completed on time.

Sub-tasks under main tasks

Main project management tasks usually consist of smaller groups of tasks. Now you can add sub-tasks under the main tasks in the Q&A -list and assign them to employees and groups within the project organisation.

Compilation report of project progress

You can create a compilation report of the progress of your project and send it to the client and authorities.
Compilation report of task progress

It is often important to keep the client and authorities updated on the task-specific progress of your project. No more hours spent on compiling and signing inspection documents. Inform the client and authorities of task-specific progress easily at any time.

Quality matrix inspection compilation report

You can now print out a quality matrix on your project’s progress and add it to the compilation report. The table and its location data indicate the progress of project inspections for every work section.

How to get started?

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Congrid provides quality and safety management software for all kinds of construction projects. Congrid improves quality and safety by maximising your construction site’s productivity and reducing costs.

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