Subcontractors nearly always have several projects going on simultaneously. By digitalizing project management and documentation, you can make sure that the necessary information is available to you for the particular project you are working on at the time. All this can be achieved without carrying a hundred folders with you.




“As an employee of the subcontractor you can soon record the work directed to you by the main contractor as done, and at the same time you will receive clear documents on quality controls, project reception and faults shown to you. With a task list, the planning and carrying out of your work is significantly boosted.”



“As a supervisor of the subcontractor you can easily monitor the progress of your employees’ work as well as upcoming tasks. You have access to a real-time overview of the total workload of the workers you supervise. This allows you to take action in time in order to prevent possible delays in schedule.”


Company management

“As a manager of the subcontracting company you will see the overall situation of all projects going on in your company, and you are able to use the gathered data in your future projects and evaluating the overall quality of work. The acquired data can also be used as a management tool when you want to find good operational methods to replace poor ones.”