World Summit on Digital Built Environment 2019


About us

Congrid is a Nordic company transforming the construction industry. The company was founded in 2013 by young Construction Site Managers who became frustrated with the use of pen, paper and Excel-files to control the quality and safety of construction sites. They wanted to make things differently and help businesses to save on quality costs, improve safety on construction site and maximize construction site productivity with modern technology.

Throughout the years Congrid has developed the digital platform for management and control of the quality and safety of construction sites and improved the work of thousands construction professionals.The basis for software development is usability under demanding conditions, the elimination of double work, straightforward information distribution, and a simple way of producing accurate documents in all areas of quality management. With these factors we can guarantee that our product is the best in the market.

Meet Timo at the WDBE


CEO / Co-founder,
(+358) 44 716 7200
I’m CEO and one of the co-founders of Congrid. My background is on project and product lifecycle management. Building a start-up, growing the business with our customers and leading the company to international markets with the strong team are my latest achievements. I’m enthusiastic about leading the company with trust and customer-oriented mindset. Customers give the value to any product or service and customer relationship is built on trust. Daily decision should be made keeping this in mind.

Why choose us:

  • Solution is created by professionals who really understands construction industry
  • We develop our software together with our customers 
  • Construction documentations to facilitate collaboration and information flow in construction projects
  • Easy-to-use cloud service software, tailored for the company’s quality and safety management
  • Improve productivity and facilitate everyday production
  • Fast solutions tailored to boost construction production supervision

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The themes and times of our presentations are given below.

11.45 The value of digitalised documentation
Congrid carried out a survey in spring 2019 with the University of Turku, interviewing the Congrid’s customers. A joint statement by Congrid and the University of Turku discusses the key findings and insights about which aspects of digitalising documentation can bring value to customers.


Taina Eriksson, University of Turku
Timo Makkonen, Congrid Oy

13.45 Quality is built on common purpose – software approach
Quality & Safety should be a shared and common matter, and everyone should understand their part in the big picture. When all recorded issues are collected transparently to the platform(s) and the information is shared/assigned to relevant stakeholders’ chance of human mistakes is reduced.


Timo Makkonen, Congrid Oy

14.15 Breaking the data barriers between systems – Customer case
Common problem on construction project is the fact that stakeholders lose data at each handover during projects’ phases. Planning, construction and facility management are isolated and therefore, the common goal is lost during the process. We’ve implemented API based data transfer with our customer’s and successfully combined the ERP world with our point solution. This presentation will include more detailed description about the implementation and describe the achieved customer benefits of combining the data.


Timo Makkonen, Congrid Oy
Otto Alhava, Fira Oy

Digitalization in construction industry

Impacts on efficiency, quality and safety


This eBook presents a study on the utilization of digital solutions in construction industry. The findings are based on a review of relevant literature and interviews with industry experts. When implemented and used throughout the organization (and possibly also more widely in the project/value network) digital tools can enhance achieving better quality of the end product.