Congrid uses data to collaborate on a project wide basis

Customer Story - WSP Finland

WSP Finland is a multidisciplinary expert company that provides the developer with all construction related services in-house. WSP Finland uses Congrid software to manage the safety and quality of construction management. Cloud-based software allows important data to be stored in the same place as well as easily shared.

Samuli Salonen, M.Sc. (Eng.), works as a construction engineer at WSP Finland. He has developed Healthy House -processes at WSP Finland’s Building Service as his Master’s Thesis. The results of the thesis will be used in development work with Congrid.

– In addition to building-related services, WSP Finland provides comprehensive consulting services for urban development, Salonen says.

Everything in the same project bank

At WSP Finland, developers and supervisors produce numerous documents during the construction project for different uses. From the point of view of documentation, it is particularly important to record quality documentation of the various stages in construction. Word and Excel programs are commonly used in the field of documentation and reporting.

– Congrid introduces a whole new way of working. Congrid combines photographs and reporting. The content will remain in the cloud in one single project bank, from which I can quickly distribute them to different parties, says Salonen.

– For a number of years, building contractors have been using Congrid for their own site management. It is only now that it´s starting to be used more by supervisors, creating synergies in that interface.

Unity between different parties

According to Salonen, one of Congrid’s biggest benefits is that it brings unity to reporting. Now that everything is handled through one application, the result always has the same appearance. It also looks good towards the client.

WSP Finland and Congrid are currently working on a joint project to develop a digital quality assurance platform.

So far, we’ve got great things done with Congrid. This year, we will probably get to the stage that we can do a first test project. The future looks bright, Salonen concludes.